50 New Years Resolution Ideas for 2017

50 New Years Resolution Ideas for 2017

50 New Years resolution ideas for 2017 😃

☁ Break the Twitch – Collaboration ☁

Check out Anthony’s channel and his video with the other 25 New Years Resolution Ideas –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quarZUgkRIQ&t=356s (make sure to subscribe!!)

His channel is ALL about intentional living, minimalism, habit building – all of the good things! If you like my content, you’ll definitely enjoy his.

☁ More ☁

Those of you with more attention to detail than me will 100% notice it, I skipped MORE THAN ONE new years resolution! I was in such a rush to film I didn’t read my notes properly haha.

Here are the ones that I missed off of the list ~~

1. Do a whole year of not drinking. It’s definitely a learning experience.
2. Donate blood! More than once!
3. Up your instagram game.

PS This will be my last ‘list’ video for a little while!

20 things to learn in 2017 – if you want a learning goal in 2017, check my last video out!

Capsule Wardrobe
(not my video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLGaPMlpV4E

How to wake up at 5AM

☁ #GoalsWeek Videos ☁

I did a whooole week of videos dedicated to achieving your New Years Resolutions that I think you might dig:

Goals Week Day #1 – Why you need New Years Resolutions – http://bit.ly/2hvEzaF
Goals Week Day #2 – How to Choose your New Years Resolutions – http://bit.ly/2hHRlAY
Goals Week Day #3 – Why your New Years Resolutions Sucks – http://bit.ly/2hI5qOO
Goals Week Day #4 – How to Create a Plan for your New Years Resolution http://bit.ly/2haSRwy
Goals Week Day #5 – How to Stay Focused on your Goals http://bit.ly/2h2WmSE
Goals Week Day #6 – How many Resolutions should you have?
Goals Week Day #7 – Why you should keep your goals a secret. http://bit.ly/2hRJl25

☁ Simplify your Life in 2017☁

If one of your goals is to simplify your life in 2017, I’m doing a 30 day simplify your life challenge. You can sign up and learn more here –

30 Days to Simplify Your Life

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