How to be Successful with Goals and New Year’s Resolutions : ADHD Goal Setting Tips

How to be Successful with Goals and New Year’s Resolutions : ADHD Goal Setting Tips

ADHD Goal Setting Tips
ADHD Expert Dr. Stephanie Sarkis joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. On this podcast episode Tara and Dr. Sarkis will be discussing some important issues related to Success with Goals and New Year’s Resolutions with Adult ADD / ADHD .

This podcast episode originally aired on 1/2/17

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New Years Cheer Goals & Resolutions + Personal & Tumbling goals

New Years Cheer Goals & Resolutions + Personal & Tumbling goals

My New Years Cheer Goals and New years resolutions.

Join me in 2018 to see watch me in my cheer life, reach my personal and cheer goals. I have set myself some pretty tough tumbling goals, but am amped to get them :).

I would also love to go on the nfitnity Generation Next Camp and be a Flippin Amped athlete

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OUR GOALS FOR 2018 with Alissa Violet & RiceGum

OUR GOALS FOR 2018 with Alissa Violet & RiceGum

Hope you like our goals for 2018! I’m super excited to drop new music and merch. Send me a picture of your goals and mood board! I might have to share some of the best submissions 😉

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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions: #4 Work Life Balance Tips

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions: #4 Work Life Balance Tips

Do you bring work home? If your New Year’s resolution is to have a better work life balance, than you need to watch this video and learn my easy tips to achieve your resolution!

I’ve created a 5 part series on how to achieve the 4 most common New Year’s resolutions so make sure to watch them all!

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New Year Goals ! 1st video of 2018

New Year Goals ! 1st video of 2018

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Crystals and Goal Setting Tips – New Year’s Resolutions Free Ebook

Crystals and Goal Setting Tips – New Year’s Resolutions Free Ebook

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New Year Must-Haves 2018 | Home, Tech, + Fitness #GOALS

New Year Must-Haves 2018 | Home, Tech, + Fitness #GOALS

Happy New Year! In this video I share my haul on home products, smart home tech gadgets, and fitness must-haves! These are all great products for helping you stick to your new years resolutions of an organized home, being environmentally responsible, and staying fit. What are you new year resolutions?!

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Household Supplies

Kitchen Towels

Plastic Drawers

Insulated Reusable Shopping Bag

Keurig K250

Keurig K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter (2pack)

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot

Limm Resistance Bands

Nike Gym Bag

Workout Leggings

Workout Sports Bras

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A New Year of Lying to Myself… In Song!! | Thomas Sanders

A New Year of Lying to Myself… In Song!! | Thomas Sanders

So much has happened this past year, and I’m so thankful for everything!! But at the start of this new year, how much am I going to lie to myself?

“Lies” Instrumentation & Orchestration by Chris Shaw, who also is the guitarist for Ultimate Storytime! (Chris’ Social Links: @czekiel [IG]; @czekiel_ [Twitter]; [SoundCloud])

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How to Make New Year Resolutions That Actually STICK

How to Make New Year Resolutions That Actually STICK

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Wondering how you can make your new year resolutions stick like glue?? You’ve come to the right place!

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On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.

4 chipotle gift cards, 3 lululemons, 2 dumbbells clanking, 1 Youtube channelllllll

Today, we’re going to talk about new years resolutions and how to make one that actually sticks.

The facts are a little grim nerd family…

Over 50% of people in America make a new years resolutions with only around 8% of people finding any long term success.

We believe there are 5 main reasons for this and there are simply steps you can take to making your resolution stick like glue

Step #1. Keep it Realistic

If your goal is that by the end of 2017 you want a million dollars, a sloth farm, the death-star, and a private concert with Beyonce…

It’s probably not going to happen.

The science tells us that want to set goals that are hard to achieve, but still remain in the realm of possibility.

So while a private concert with Beyonce may not be in the cards, finally going to one of her concerts and buying a backstage pass to meet her, makes a lot more sense.

Step #2. Don’t set Outcome Goals – Set Process Goals

Outcome goals are goals not really in your control while process goals are things we actually can control. For example:

An Outcome Goal is something like: I want a to be a millionaire

A Process Goal is something like: I will work 2 hours a night building my profitable sloth farm

You want your goals to be in your control.

The key is picking the right process goals that naturally lead you to the outcome you want.

Step #3. Minimize the # of Goals to Less Than 3

In your brain, the prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain helping us with willpower to stick to our resolutions.

The problem is that it can only handle so much.

Making a list of 10 new year’s resolutions makes it extremely difficult for the cortex to handle and makes it less likely you’ll be able to stick to your resolutions.

Start with the 1 big thing you want to achieve in the upcoming year, and only if you feel you can handle it, add in a couple more.

Keep in mind resolutions often work like dominos (the actual game, not the pizza). Basically once one falls, so do the rest.

Step #4. Get Some Support

There’s evidence found by the American Psychological Association that reaching out to friends and loved one’s can really help us accomplish tasks.

Now you don’t have to post shirtless photos to Instagram or make a Facebook proclamation to use this science to your advantage…

All this means is that sharing your goals, successes, and struggles with people you care about will help with your efforts

Step #5. Treat Yo’self

A study by the University of Chicago found that when people set out to achieve new tasks, receiving some form of positive feedback helped people accomplish them more frequently.

So giving yourself a small reward for sticking to your goals is a good idea.

In fact, I often recommended having a reward day to most of my clients where they can go a little nuts and off their diet as it gives them mental relief and something to look forward to.

So whatever your goals are – build in some sort of reward system for sticking to the plan.

If interested in starting the new year off right, feel free to check out our free video training on

On the page we give you the 10 steps to losing weight quickly and effectively, and their all backed by science.

We also have a fast fat loss course you can check out that will be linked in the description below.

So in summary if you want to make sure your new year’s resolutions stick you should:

#1. Keep your goals realistic
#2. Don’t set outcome goals, set process goals
#3. Minimize the # of goals to less than 3
#4. Get some support
#5. Remember to Treat Yo’ self